A Little About Me

This website serves as an outlet for my creativity through the medium of photography. I have been involved in what I can only really describe as a love-hate relationship with photography for several years, starting around 2007 to the present day, albeit with some gaps along the way.

Through the years my focus and interests have changed and developed, paid work has always been weddings, christenings and various commercial tasks but shooting photos for the hobby side of my photography is where I allow the freedom of my creativity to flourish.

My main focus has and still is exploration and night photography; encompassing star trails, abandoned and derelict buildings (and cities) as well as what is known as ‘light painting’. Even combining all of the above at times. These interests have shaped my journey throughout the years with many nights spent traveling to locations, scouting out shoots and spending weeks planning trips through Europe and further afield to places such as Chernobyl [Ukraine] and Auschwitz [Poland].

Having traveled tens of thousands of miles to get the ‘perfect photo’ has been worth the effort, it has seen me make new friendships, see sights of the world that many others wouldn’t get to see and provided me with ways to develop my skills that aren’t quite ‘normal’. This journey has also come at a cost – time.